Appeal for Donation


Dear Students,

"From thousands of years, Gurukulas are celebrating this event to pay homage to our Rishis, Gurus and Acharyas, who handhold us in transmitting this age old Shastric Knowledge without any financial interest or commercialization.

We are proud of all our Acharyas who are following world's most ancient Knowledge Tradition of Kashi Vidhwat Parampara, and teaching Shastras to students without any fees, salary or any other benefit.

ParaVidya Gurukulam appeals to its students to offer Guru Dakshina (Donation) generously, as per their wish and capacity to the Acharyas and Gurukulam, who dedicated their life to the study and teaching of shastras without any commercial gains.

Note : Students, who will be offering donation can reply to this mail with their interest for mode of payment and other details, or call us at +91 80500-00013 for Payment Receipt Print Acknowledgement.

Any Support will help us to continue and improve the efforts towards Learning & Teaching Shastras."

Thanks & Regards


ParaVidya Gurukulam

Parama Poorna Prakasha Pratishtana