Parama Poorna Prakasha Pratishtana

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Our Programs

short introductory study

Students can join short introductory courses before basic and regular classes for basic understanding.[...]

orthodox Foundation study

Basic Study with four credits will provide basic clarity about the subject with fixed timeline.[...]

orthodox par-time study

Students can enroll for par-time courses and complete the Orthodox Basic Courses in eight credits.[...]

orthodox vocational study

Vocational full-time study will provide quick knowledge on subject for students and professionals.[...]

Research Study

Students can enroll for research on ongoing research projects as Research Fellow or Research Assistant.[...]

Comparative Analysis

Comparative Analysis of Contemporary religions of the world.[...]

Tarka Siddhi Program

Teacher Training Program will help students to learn Prameya, Pramana, Dosha of Debating Skills.[...]

Spiritual Sadhana

Institute will prepare Students for Spiritual Sadhana of different Sampradayas.[...]