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About Institution

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ParaVidya Gurukulam is an orthodox Hindu Gurukulam which teaches Vedic Shastras. The gurukulam is managed by Parama Poorna Prakasha Pratishatana and formed to promote traditional study of Hindu Scriptures.

The core aim of the Institute is to "Preserve the Scriptures", "Practice the Traditional Study" and "Propagate the message of Vedas".

From the date of creation of the universe, the deep spiritual truths got revealed to men and women of great wisdom at deep and cosmic level meditation. the revelation has been preserved orally for a long time in the name of Vedas. Only 5000 years before the common era, it has been committed to writing by Sri Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa and made several classification for simplification of practice. Over several millennia, most of the Vedic Knowledge has been lost due to several reasons. Parama Poorna Prakasha Pratishtana is putting effort to preserve the available Vedic Text and to recover the lost or which ever is available partially.

The implementation of Vedic Vision, that is called Dharma or some times Yajna is a complex process at today's age as the society has lost the knowledge and implementation procedures. Our organization working on interpretation of the Vedic Text and bringing it to practice to help the growth of the Civilization.


Building society on vedic vision

Civilization can only march ahead with the holistic vision of Vedas. Hence, preservation of Vedic Knowledge gains immense importance. The Vedic Knowledge can be preserved only through the practice of Dharma (What has been propagated by Vedas) and not through any sort of documentation or other methods of preservation. As the Vedas themselves confirm, the practice and propagation is the utmost Responsibility (Kartavya) of mankind.