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Parama Poorna Prakasha Pratishthana has been framed to promote traditional study of Hindu Scriptures. The core aim of this Institute is to "Preserve the Scriptures", "Practice Traditional Study" and "Propagate the message of Vedas".

Civilization can only march ahead with the holistic vision of Vedas. Hence, preservation of Vedic Knowledge gains immense importance. The Vedic Knowledge can be preserved only through the practice of Dharma (What has been propagated by Vedas) and not through any sort of documentation or other methods of preservation. As the Vedas themselves confirm, the practice and propagation are the utmost Responsibility (Kartavya) of mankind. Vedic Society can be built only through the orthodox study of Shastras (Scriptures).


Preservation and Digitalization of Vedas and Shastras (Scriptures) for current and futuristic study and practice. Read More


Hindusim can only be preserved through the practice of it, called Dharma. Teaching-learning is the core essence if it. Read More


Progress of our Civilization can happen only through implementation of Vedic Vision. Read More


Support Vedic Knowledge Tradition
From thousands of years, Gurukulas are depending on Donations from society to Preserve, Practice and Propagate the Vedic Knownedge. Paravidya Gurukulam is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to preserve Vedic Knowledge Heritage. Please donate generously and support the movement.

Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Portal
Learn basic Vedic Shastras online. Introduction, Foundation and specific courses are avialable.
Paravidya LMS Mobile App
Paravidya LMS Android App for online learning of Basic Shastras.
Sanatana Granthamala App
Sanatana Granthamala is an DIgital library of Sanskrit original manuscript in your Mobile phone. Works on all Android devices.
Paravidya Academics Mobile App
Paravidya Android App will help student learn online and track Academics.